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Cabinets are one of the most important elements in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Great cabinets make or break a remodeling job. From the countertops to the doors to finishing details like molding and accents, your cabinets are one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your remodeled kitchen or bathroom, and there are many factors that go into choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen.

Do you have enough space for the cabinets you want? Do you know what material you would like for your counter tops? These are the kind of questions that Patete Kitchens can help you answer in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling processes. What matters to you matters to us, and we have a firm commitment to bringing you the best service, honest answers, and advice that speaks to your individual taste.

Types of Cabinets

There are two main cabinet types that you will likely be choosing between when remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, and those are face-frame cabinets and frameless cabinets.

  • Face frame cabinets have door hinges on the outside of the cabinet box, which frames the cabinet doors and drawers. The strength of face-frame cabinets is in their structural integrity and stability, but there is a sacrifice of interior space that is made when choosing these cabinets. Most American cabinets are made in this way.
  • Full access or frameless cabinets , which are probably a wiser choice. The opposite of face-frame cabinets, full access cabinets have their door hinges on the inside of the cabinet, which allows for more space within the actual cabinet. Their drawers are wider than the drawers in frame cabinets. These cabinets allow for true full overlay as compared to a 3/8” reveal that is required with frame cabinetry. Full access cabinetry is harder to install therefore a real professional like Patete Kitchen and Bath is a great choice for your project with full access cabinets.

Counter Tops To Compliment Your Cabinets

While there are many extravagant countertops in elegant patterns and finishes that compliment your cabinets, it’s important to think carefully about which kind is right for you. Each base material used to make countertops has its own set of pros and cons.

  • Laminate countertops have been in use since the 1960’s and are by far the least expensive kind of countertops. Coming in hundreds of colors and patterns (even some faux-natural patterns such as wood or stone), the advantage with laminates is that they are inexpensive. Their drawback, however, is that they are the easiest to damage, and once scratched they cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Given the cheapness of these countertops, this is not such a big problem, but the time involved in removing the countertop material and replacing it could be a considerable factor.
  • Solid surface countertops are a contemporary standard look for countertops. They can be molded to form a built-in-sink or other crevices. While these are not very durable and and very easy to scratch. They are also very difficult to repair and they do look synthetic.
  • Granite countertop s are extremely hard and durable. It has a beautiful look and can stand high heat without being damaged, but be careful. Granite countertops should be sealed and they will be before they are installed. This is a very durable counter surface with many color and pattern choices.
  • Quartz countertops are a more expensive type made of quartz and some, but not much, resin. The biggest advantage of having a quartz countertop is that they cannot be stained, making them a very good long-term investment.
  • Stainless steel countertops give homes an ultramodern look, can withstand high heat, and are remarkably easy to clean. Unfortunately they are easy to scratch, almost impossible to repair, and have many seams.
  • Soap Stone is an increasingly popular stone surface for countertops with all the durability of non-porous stone surfaces. It can stain, however, and should be sealed. Soapstone’s natural patterns are especially beautiful, and, like all stone surfaces, each slab of stone is unique.
  • Marble and limestone are both countertop options but must be considered carefully because they are porous. As a result of their porous nature, these stones absorb acids from soft drinks and citrus juices more easily and can be damaged by them.
  • Ceramic tile is another option frequently considered for countertops but is not as commonly used because it is believed by some that the grout between the tiles may be a breeding ground for germs.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to counter tops.



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