|  Convenient Bathroom Remodel with a Tubliner in Pittsburgh



 |  Convenient Bathroom Remodel with a Tubliner in Pittsburgh

Convenient Bathroom Remodel with a Tubliner in Pittsburgh

When your bathtub starts to look shabby, like its best days are far behind it, your thoughts probably quickly turn to replacing it. But you have more options than you might think for making your bathroom look like new again. You can have the tub ripped out and replaced, or you can choose to cover it with a tubliner. Acrylic Bath by Patete makes the decision easy with their acrylic tubliner Pittsburgh residents have come to love.

If you have ever considered replacing your tub completely, you’ve probably seen the dollar signs adding up. Removing and replacing a tub means that you’ll need a demolition team, a plumber, a tiling team, and potentially, framers. Many times, the tub that has been in a house for years is a different size than the tubs manufactured today. That means that anything surrounding the tub will probably have to be replaced, too. Since it’s hard to get a tub out without affecting the tile surround, the walls of a shower and tub often have to come out, which involves drywall and new tiles. Thus, the costs continue to go up as a result.

The acrylic tubliner featured at Pittsburgh’s Acrylic Bath by Patete takes the need for all of these costly changes out of the equation. Our system covers your tub and surround from floor to ceiling, and since it is customized to your exact space, nothing has to be removed or replaced.

You may have seen tubliners that are thin, flimsy, and scratch easily at different home stores. Our tubliner boasts the thickest acrylic in the industry. And it is a really durable tubliner that resists the harsh chemicals of many bathroom cleaners, so it will keep its beautiful shine and appearance.

Don’t waste your time, energy, and money making one phone call after another in an attempt to make your bathtub or shower look like new again. A tubliner from the experts at Acrylic Bath by Patete in Pittsburgh will save you all that trouble, and will give you the look you want in your bathroom.