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Creating a Guest-Friendly Bathroom |  Creating a Guest-Friendly Bathroom

Creating a Guest-Friendly Bathroom 

When we have guests over, we always want them to have the best experience they can in our home. If you’ve been considering remodeling your bathroom, you can create a guest-friendly atmosphere with these tips from Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center.

Choose The Right Toilet

Using someone else’s bathroom can be awkward, but with a clean, luxury toilet, your guests don’t have to feel that way. If your toilet is old or appears stained or dirty, it’s time to replace the unit or consider replacing the seat and lid for a new, refreshed look!

If you plan on getting a new toilet, there is a wide range of styles and types of toilets available to meet your needs. From two-piece toilets to smart toilets, the possibilities are endless for making your guests comfortable.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Without the right, bright lighting, your bathroom can offer a dreary atmosphere for guests. Make it easier for guests to freshen up with the right type of lighting. We can help you create a well-lit and functional bathroom through stylish, strategically placed lighting. We can add lighting such as wall sconces with a dimmer switch for ambiance and even task lighting over the shower, so you aren’t left in the dark during shower time. We can also add vanity lighting around the mirror that won’t cast pesky shadows on your face.

Update Your Shower

Think about how a guest may react to your shower. Is it outdated or difficult to keep clean? If so, it’s time to update your shower. Showers are available in a variety of styles and functionalities to create a comfortable environment for guests. You could consider acrylic for your new show as it is easy to clean and looks great.

You may consider a bath and shower combination to suit everyone’s preferences. Depending on the mobility of your guests, you can also opt for a no-barrier shower with built-in seating that can accommodate everyone safely and easily.

Add Your Own Personal TouchesCreating a Guest-Friendly Bathroom  |  Creating a Guest-Friendly Bathroom

Once you’ve created a functional and stylish new bathroom, it’s time to add touches of comfort and personalization to your bathroom. Stock your bathroom with soft, top-quality towels and washcloths. Add an air freshener, scented soaps, and odor-neutralizing sprays to keep the bathroom fresh.

We also recommend that you keep a stock of toiletries for guests such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, toothpaste, floss, and toothbrushes.

Work With Patete to Create a Guest-Friendly Bathroom 

At Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center, our experienced designers can help you create a bright, stylish, and comfortable bathroom for you and your guests. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!