|  Pittsburgh Remodeling Trends That Are Here To Stay



 |  Pittsburgh Remodeling Trends That Are Here To Stay

Pittsburgh Remodeling Trends That Are Here To Stay

It’s practically a clichéd truth for every party or gathering in one’s home: the one room where everyone always ends up socializing is in the kitchen. Maybe it’s the sense of community a kitchen table or island invite. Or, perhaps a bright, open kitchen puts people in a cheery mood. If this doesn’t sound like your kitchen, and you want it to be, then kitchen remodeling may be in order.

But what exactly does your kitchen need to have, so it can be the cool room where all the hip people want to congregate? There happens to be a handful of hot trends that are timeless, perfect for any kitchen remodeling Pittsburgh homeowners want to undertake. Here are some changes to consider making in your kitchen:

The backsplash may be the last thing you think about in a kitchen remodel, mainly because it was relegated to the areas behind the stove and sink, and its only purpose is to protect the walls from grease and moisture. Now, backsplashes have made a big splash in the kitchen, expanding all across the length of counter tops and up the walls to meet cabinets. Ceramic and glass tiles are all popular materials for backsplash designs that will definitely make a statement.

Colors that reflect your personality can also make an appearance in the kitchen. Pick appliances that will go with any cabinet color, and bring out different pops of color with your accent pieces. Cherry and maple have been popular choices for cabinets, and flow easily with a variety of other colors.

Counter tops are a sought-after asset to a kitchen remodel, especially if it means upgrading from a laminate surface. In particular, granite has increased in popularity because it is heat resistant. Natural stone, granite, and even manmade materials like quartz provide endless choices of finishes, colors and features that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Patete Kitchens & Bath Design Center knows what’s in style to satisfy the kind of kitchen remodeling Pittsburgh homes call for. From custom creation to installation, Patete Kitchens will ensure that your new kitchen works the way you want it to, and will be the room where everyone wants to hang out.