|  Replacing a master bathtub with a luxury shower

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 |  Replacing a master bathtub with a luxury shower

Replacing a master bathtub with a luxury shower

While a tub is a great place to relax after a long day, how much do you actually use it? Does the hustle and bustle of life keep you from enjoying a bubble bath or soaking in the tub after work? If so, then it may be time to consider replacing your master bathtub with a luxury shower.

Luxury Showers and Current Bathroom Remodeling Trends

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, trends include reducing the size of the tub and installing a shower or eliminating the tub completely to install a spa-style luxury shower. Many homeowners now desire a shower with all the convenient, luxurious features such as body sprays, handheld showers, rain heads, seats or benches, and even clear frameless glass for a sleek modern look.  |  Replacing a master bathtub with a luxury shower

Can I Keep my Tub and Add a Luxury Shower?

If your bathroom is large enough, you can certainly add in a luxury shower and keep your current tub, which can be a convenient option for those with children or pets who need to be bathed in the tub. Our designers will work with you to ensure the tub does not affect the size of your new shower.

Will Adding a Luxury Shower Increase My Home’s Value?

 |  Replacing a master bathtub with a luxury shower

Some homeowners may think removing their tub to install a shower will have a negative effect on resale value. In most cases, it seems that when buyers have a choice between a tub and a small shower or no tub and a luxury shower, they are more likely to choose the luxury shower. As for your home’s resale value, completing a bathroom remodel is a great home improvement to help increase your resale value.

Ready to Being Your Bathroom Remodel?

At Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center, our experienced team can help you transform your bathroom into the relaxing oasis of your dreams! From luxury showers to beautiful vanities and more, we have the products and expertise you need to create the bathroom you have always wanted. Contact us today!