|  The Tubliner Pittsburgh Needs for a Solid Choice



 |  The Tubliner Pittsburgh Needs for a Solid Choice

The Tubliner Pittsburgh Needs for a Solid Choice

Most of us love to look through home improvement magazines at pictures of gleaming new bathrooms and imagine what we would do to renovate our own. But the daydreams are almost always clouded by the trouble that a full-scale renovation creates. You have to give up your bathroom for days or even weeks, and the mess that is created during the demolition and rebuilding phases is something we would rather not deal with.

But what if your bathtub and surround are starting to look rough around the edges and the rest of the bathroom just needs a fresh coat of paint? You could choose to resurface the bathtub and replace the grout, or you could consider a new tubliner from Pittsburgh’s Acrylic Bath by Patete.

Resurfacing your bathtub is definitely cheaper than ripping out the old and replacing it with a new one. But there are a number of drawbacks to the resurfacing choice. The surface has to be sanded down, and then harsh chemicals are used to create an adhesive surface. And the new surface itself contains other toxic chemicals with fumes. The process of applying the new surface is very difficult, and it’s pretty common to find bubbles and uneven areas. The original tub surface is far stronger and more durable than a re-glazed surface, so not long after the process, you can easily find scratches and scuffs, and you have to be very careful when cleaning the re-glazed bathtub.

Acrylic Bath by Patete is where Pittsburgh comes for the ideal solution. Our acyrlic tubliner installs directly over your existing bathtub or shower and the surrounding walls, and since it is designed to fit your space exactly, it can often be installed in just one day. Our tubliners boast the thickest and most durable acrylic in the industry, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or what type of cleaners you use.

And best of all, with a tubliner from Acrylic Bath by Patete in Pittsburgh, the bathroom you have imagined can be yours for less cost, time, and trouble.