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Things to Consider Before Starting a Bathroom Remodeling Project

Whether you’re starting a small bathroom remodel or a total bathroom renovation, there are several important things to consider, including:

Purpose: Consider the reason for your renovation: are you trying to increase the value of your home or simply improving the accessibility or aesthetics of your bathroom?

Home improvement projects like kitchen and bathroom renovations can boost the value of your home and improve your home’s energy efficiency. Bathroom renovations allow homeowners to customize and update their homes, providing comfort and functionality. With so many people aging in place, tub-to-shower conversions are a leading way you can increase accessibility of your home now and thinking into the future.

Style: Determine the style and design for your new bathroom including the type of tile, countertops, faucets, and fixtures.

Many homeowners renovate their bathrooms to fit their personal style or update them to current design trends. For example, formal-style bathrooms have an elegant look with symmetrically balanced sinks, mirrors, and cabinetry. A parallel of formal-style bathrooms, warm minimalist bathrooms champion simplicity with flat front wooden cabinet doors and floating vanities.

 |  Things to Consider Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel | Patete Kitchen and Bath

The most important parts of a bathroom vanity renovation are the sink, faucet, and countertops. Each type of faucet brings a different atmosphere to your bathroom; while spread fit and single handle faucets are the most common, bridge and wall mount faucets are more unique. Along with the faucet, the sink can help maximize your bathroom’s functionality and style as well as its storage capacity. For a sleeker and more traditional look, consider under mounted bathroom sinks. On the other hand, vessel sinks will add an eclectic touch to your bathroom makeover. To withstand everything that happens in your bathroom, vanity countertops must be dually durable and functional. For this reason, granite, quartz ,  are excellent options while porous materials are not.

Selecting your mirrors is another large part of a bathroom renovation. When looking for mirrors for your bathroom remodel, consider the style and not only the size of the mirror but also the size of the bathroom. Smaller mirrors allow for ample room for light fixtures while larger mirrors give the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Stylistically, frameless mirrors offer a sleek and modern look whereas framed mirrors offer more traditional features.

Choosing your new bathroom tiles may be the hardest decision in the renovation process as it sets the mood of the bathroom and can make or break your remodel. It is important to choose tile options that are appropriate for the area. For example, while redoing your shower tile, natural stones like marble may be beautiful, but they are not suitable for showers because they are too porous. Instead, opt for man-made materials like ceramic or porcelain. Choosing the color and pattern of your new tile is vital and can be best chosen by figuring out your desired bathroom atmosphere. Styling your new bathroom remodel can be very fun!

Layout: Consider the layout of your bathroom including the placement of the toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub and how it affects the flow and functionality of the space.

Bathroom layouts are all about functionality, especially when it comes to storage. A few of the most common bathroom layouts are the versatile primary, full, and three-quarter, which does not include a bathtub. Other factors of the layout include the placement of the bathroom door entry and toilet. Don’t forget about functional bathroom lighting, which is a detail often overlooked.

 |  Things to Consider Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel | Patete Kitchen and Bath

Plumbing and Electrical: A professional bathroom remodeling company will understand the effects of your bathroom renovation on your bathroom’s plumbing and electrical requirements and ensure you have the necessary permits.

When renovating your bathroom, beware of drastic changes like moving a toilet or vanity as they will be the costliest parts of your renovation and could triple your plumbing costs. Not only are you paying for the materials, but you are also paying for the additional time needed for the plumber to make those changes. Issues may also arise like discovering your plumbing is not up to code and needs totally renovated.

Accessibility: Consider making your bathroom more accessible with features like grab bars, a walk-in shower, or a raised toilet for those in your household who have (or may someday have) mobility issues.

Universal design which entails engineering an environment that can be used by all people regardless of their age, size, ability, and disability, is a key part of remodeling your bathroom to be more accessible.

By considering these factors when starting a bathroom remodel, you can ensure that the renovation process is smooth, and the end result is a beautiful, functional space that exceeds your needs and expectations. Please call us to schedule an appointment to start the process.

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