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Transform Your Bathroom with Tile |  Transform Your Bathroom with Tile | Patete Kitchen and Bath

Transform Your Bathroom with Tile

If you are designing a new bathroom or looking to make some updates to your current space, consider the versatile styles of tile! Although you may not have thought much about the type of tile you would like to use, it can make a stunning impact on the design of your bathroom, or it can subtly complement the rest of the design.

Whether you want to make a bold statement or use the tile as an understated accent, Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center can help! We’ve put together some beautiful tile ideas to help you get started with your bathroom remodel!

Textured Tile

This is a subtle trend that can add visual interest to your bathroom without taking away from the other elements of the design. With wavy, neutral lines and a variety of materials such as straw, fabric, and leather tile, you can add a modern, more rustic feel to your bathroom.


This pattern has been around for a while, but with vintage styles becoming more popular, it has remerged as a popular tile option for your bathroom. Using this basketweave tile pattern, which as its name suggests has a pattern that looks like the weave of a basket, you can coordinate modern fixtures with vintage styles for a beautiful look.

Mermaid Tile

Whimsical-style mermaid tile is the perfect complement to a beachy-themed bathroom. This tile design can bring a refreshing look of the beach with a repapering pattern in ocean blue the resembles a mermaid tail. For even more mermaid flair, consider using glitter grout to pull it all together!

Hexagon Tile

If mermaid tile isn’t your style, but you’d still like to add flair to your bathroom, consider using hexagon tile. Venture away from the average square tile and consider something different! Hexagon tile can be used in three different ways, including mosaic floor tile, accent tiles, and horizontal wall tiles. These can be used separately or can be combined into your bathroom design to complement one another.

Expert Bathroom Design and Remodeling Services 

Whether your bathroom requires a few updates or needs an entire makeover, the team at Patete Kitchen & Bath Design can help! From expert design services to assistance with choosing from high-quality tile, custom cabinets, and other materials, we can help you transform your bathroom to meet your needs.

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