Bathroom remodeling for Pittsburgh, PA homeowners and the importance of the shower

Recently, remodeling trends have shown that showers are increasing in importance. Many people undergoing bathroom remodeling for their Pittsburgh, PA homes are performing tub to shower conversions to increase the size of their shower, and with good reason. The tub is changing its visage in the minds of the common American home owners. While some traditionalists still prefer it, the more progressive types who pay for bathroom remodeling in their Pittsburgh, PA homes have let go of the idea that it is a necessary fixture, and see the tub as an obstruction to the flow of a bathroom.

A shower that glistens

Showers now present an extraordinary opportunity to present your tastes as well as a means by which to make your bathroom seem more open and airy. By performing a tub to shower conversion, you not only have the opportunity to create a shower that is spaciously and highly functional, you also get to surround it with a gorgeous frame of glass that takes the light in your bathroom and spreads it throughout the room. A shower that glistens is a true treat for the eyes and hearts of all of our customers who desire a more modern feel when undergoing bathroom remodeling in their Pittsburgh, PA homes, and it is our pleasure to bring to them their desires and satisfy their needs.

Let’s work together

Patete is always at your service when you need bathroom remodeling services for your Pittsburgh, PA home, and will be happy to guide you through remodeling jobs such as a tub to shower conversion. These are decisions that could significantly increase the value of your home, and you will see the difference between Patete’s bathroom remodeling work for Pittsburgh, PA home owners versus that of anybody else right away. If it’s cleaner, faster, and better, it’s Patete.