|  Bathroom Remodeling Question: Double Vanity vs Extra Storage

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 |  Bathroom Remodeling Question: Double Vanity vs Extra Storage

Bathroom Remodeling Question: Double Vanity vs. Extra Storage

If you currently have a double vanity, but you’re looking for more counter space and storage, you may be considering replacing your double vanity. Before making a move to eliminate your double vanity, you should consider a variety of factors.

What is Your Purpose for Your Bathroom Remodel?

When considering a bathroom remodel, think about why you want to make changes. Is it to increase the resale value of your home? Then may want to think twice. If your bathroom is large enough for a double vanity and has adequate storage and counter space, having two sinks will likely be more desirable for buyers.

However, if you want to remodel to help accommodate your growing family, for example, then eliminating one of your sinks for more space and storage may be a practical solution.

Do You Have the Space for a Double Vanity?

Space and double vanities do not always go hand in hand. If your vanity space is limited in your bathroom, then there are a few things you need to consider. YouWhat Materials Work Best for a Bathroom Remodel? |  Bathroom Remodeling Question: Double Vanity vs Extra Storage can fit two sinks in a 48” vanity space. Keep in mind that if you add a second sink, you are using up your counter space and will also lose storage space under the counter since you will need to accommodate the plumbing.

For a 60” vanity space, you will have about 12” of counter space with a small set of 12” drawers located between the two sinks. Keep in mind, this is still a minimal amount of storage and counter space. If you have a 72” space or more, there will be enough space for a double vanity and adequate counter and storage space.

Are You Looking for Resale Value or Functionality?

If you are not concerned with resale value or space but instead want more functionality out of your bathroom, you need to consider your daily habits. For example, you will not typically require a double vanity if you live alone and can instead benefit from the extra storage and counter space.

If you are living with a partner, you should discuss whether you are using the sink simultaneously. In many cases, you are not using the sink at the time. It is more common that one of you is brushing their teeth while the other is washing their face, so a single sink with more counter space will likely be a practical solution for you.

Cleanliness and Product Volume in your Bathroom

It is also essential to consider cleanliness and the number of products you use. Consider things such as: do you have a lot of products that need a dedicated space? Is your partner likely to leave beard trimmings or toothpaste in the sink? Consider whether you can count on your partner to clean up after themselves to allow for extra storage, or will you need to sacrifice storage space so that you have a clean sink?

Your main goal should be that you and your partner can stand side by side and have enough counter space and mirror access for you both to be comfortable. It is recommended for most homeowners that you have a sink in the center of the vanity with a full-width mirror, allowing you both to utilize the bathroom at the same time. With a center sink, you also can place drawers on either side for convenient storage, and you also gain twice the counter space.

Bathroom Remodeling Services to Bring Your Vision to Life

At Patete Kitchen & Bath Design, we can evaluate your space and learn more about your habits to help you determine if a double vanity is suitable for your bathroom remodeling project. Contact us today to get started!