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Incorporating Technology into Your Kitchen Design

With so many advances in technology, now is a great time to incorporate technology into your kitchen design. You can add a variety of tools to your kitchen to transform it into a “smart kitchen” your whole family can enjoy.

Add Convenience with a Charging Station
Boost available counter space by taking the tablets, smartphone, and camera off the counter and into a built-in charging station concealed in a drawer. You can keep your devices fully charged throughout the day while keeping them out of sight and out of the way while cooking or cleaning.

Add the Perfect Kitchen Helper with Google Home or Alexa
These hands-free devices are an excellent solution for your kitchen. You can set multiple timers while cooking or baking, access various recipes, and even have the device read a recipe to you. Listen to your favorite tunes or podcast while working in the kitchen to make your cooking experience even more fun.

Hidden TVs or Tablets |  Incorporating Technology into Your Kitchen Design
Small TV screens or tablets are great tools for watching cooking videos, meal prepping, or watching your favorite show while you cook. To help conceal these screens when they are not in use, you can choose a shelving area or hide the screen on a cabinet door for easy access and a streamlined look.

High Tech Kitchen Appliances
High-tech appliances are a fun way to enhance your kitchen. While they are not a necessity, they can add convenience and uniqueness to your kitchen. You can choose a refrigerator with a touch screen and music streaming capabilities or a trash can that opens with the wave of your hand.

Some microwaves can customize presets based on your usage and even stoves controlled using a smartphone. Whether you want to add a bit of innovative technology to your kitchen or enjoy a completely tech-savvy kitchen, the possibilities are endless!

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