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Kosher Kitchens: What to consider before your build

The best kitchen designs incorporate beautiful style as well as function, with function becoming even more important when you are designing a kosher kitchen. If you are ready to remodel your kitchen and keep a kosher kitchen space, there are a variety of unique elements to take into consideration when planning with your kitchen designer.
There are three key elements to focus on as you design your kosher kitchen with style and function:


This is a major concern for many homeowners when it comes to designing a kitchen and can be even more of a challenge for those who are maintaining a kosher a kitchen. You will need storage for two different sets of dishes, possibly more for Passover and formal occasions. You will also need space to store double silverware, pots/pans, and glassware. During the planning process, make an inventory list of what you will need storage for so you can let your designer know.


For those who keep the tradition of avoiding working and using electronics on the Sabbath, you can ask your designer about incorporating kosher-friendly appliances into your remodel. Brands such as STARK-K offer refrigerators, dishwashers, and stove that have an energy-saving feature that is referred to as “Sabbath Mode” to ensure your needs are met.


Avoiding contamination is important in your kosher kitchen, so you will want to choose a countertop surface that is non-porous, hard, and has no cracks. Hard surfaces will also make koshering your kitchen easier. Be sure to avoid materials like quartz and wood and incorporate marble, stainless, or granite into your design.

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