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Remodeling Tips for Your Growing Family |  Remodeling Tips for Your Growing Family | Patete Kitchen and Bath

Remodeling Tips for Your Growing Family

As your family grows with more children or as your children grow and bring friends over, your need for more space will increase. Whether you need more bathroom storage or a larger kitchen for your family, Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center has you covered!

Our team of design experts has put together ideas to help you expand your living space to accommodate your growing family.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for More Dining Space and Storage

Your kitchen is the central area in your home where you gather with friends and family to eat, talk about your day, or help your children with homework. As your family grows and your children grow up and bring friends over to your home, seating in your kitchen may become limited.

To accommodate this, you can add a kitchen island to provide additional seating or consider a custom kitchen table with a removable insert, providing you with the option to add seating or save space depending on your needs.

Another way to add more space is to convert your kitchen and dining room into one large open plan kitchen and dining area. It is also essential to add additional food storage to your kitchen, which can be achieved with custom cabinets.

Bathroom Remodeling to Keep Your Daily Routines Running Smooth 

With a larger family, you may find there are not enough bathrooms to go around. To keep your daily routines running smoothly, there are a variety of ways to maximize your bathroom space. Consider using an extra closet in a nearby room as storage for extra bath towels and other additional toiletry items that aren’t used daily. This can help you free up valuable storage space in the bathroom.

Another way to add more storage to your existing bathroom is with custom bathroom cabinets. This will help you hold all the extras you need to provide your family with what they need. You may also consider adding a small bathroom to your home to help accommodate your family with an extra shower and toilet.

Expert Kitchen and Bathroom Design Services

At Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center, we are dedicated to helping our clients maximize their living space by providing them with service using expert designers and high-quality materials. Whether you’d like to add storage to your bathroom with custom bathroom cabinets or need to remodel your entire kitchen with more seating and cabinetry, we can help! Contact Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center today to learn more!