|  Small Kitchen Remodeling in Pittsburgh, PA



 |  Small Kitchen Remodeling in Pittsburgh, PA

Small Kitchen Remodeling in Pittsburgh, PA

Remodeling a kitchen can be quite a challenge, but making big changes to a smaller kitchen can provide its own set of specific demands. When remodeling a small kitchen, you must figure out how to make the best use of a very limited amount of space. Also, you should keep in mind that the kitchen should be easy to move around in and that all of the areas need to be reasonably accessible. While remembering these important principles, you can make a lot of great improvements to even the tiniest of kitchens.

When planning the storage areas of a small kitchen, whether they are cabinets for dishes or pantries for nonperishable foods, you should consider setting your storage vertically rather than horizontally. You will likely save more space by placing your cabinets, shelves and drawers on top of each other, from ceiling to floor, than if you had many of them side-by-side. If you’re comfortable using a step ladder, you can build places to put things very high; all the better to keep those things out of your way.

Because ovens take up so much room, see if it can be moved to a more convenient location. Separating the oven from the stove top can be helpful in a small kitchen. Installing a wall oven lets the newly freed-up area below the cook top to be used for storage or another needed purpose.

Another element of a small kitchen that a lot of people wish they could change is the lack of functional counter space. It is very important in a small kitchen to make sure the cooking center and cleaning center have enough counter space both left and right. Changing the sink’s position can provide more usable square inches to the counter as well. You should never put your sink toward the edge of the counter. Many times a corner sink will help create better use of the counter in a small kitchen. If using granite or quartz counters you may also wish to install an undermount sink so that the sink sits within the counter itself rather than having its edge stick out on top of the counter.

Remodeling a small kitchen should be based on how efficiently the space is used and how easily you can use the kitchen after it’s been remodeled. Since kitchen remodeling can be a complicated process, it is best to consult experienced professional. In Pittsburgh, the most trusted name in kitchen remodeling is Patete Kitchens.