|  Which Items Are Splurge-Worthy For Your Kitchen Remodel



 |  Which Items Are Splurge-Worthy For Your Kitchen Remodel

Which Items Are Splurge-Worthy For Your Kitchen Remodel

It is exciting when the decision has been made to undergo a kitchen remodel. Planning and designing, picking out appliances, fixtures, cabinets, flooring and counter tops, and flipping through pages of paint colors are the very things that kitchen remodeling Pittsburgh homes is all about. But all kitchen components are not created equal, and where you may be able to skimp in one area, you may want to spend more money in another. Basically, there are some elements in a kitchen remodel that are worth splurging on.

The cabinets in your kitchen will be the greatest use of space, and therefore it is important to focus on the choosing cabinets that will enhance the look of your kitchen. Hardwoods like cherry maples are very popular for kitchen cabinets, and will perform consistently for decades to come.

Of course, to go along with those fancy cabinets, you have to have at least one high-performance kitchen appliance that costs quite a bit more than the others. You may think that it should be the refrigerator/freezer, to keep food at precise temperatures. However, the range, or stove top and oven, should be the appliance that deserves the splurge. A good oven will cook through evenly; convection ovens in particular are becoming popular in residential kitchens. Technology advancements with stove tops have ushered in bells and whistles like autocook, built-in timers and even cooktops that don’t require burners; any place on the surface heats your food!

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